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Patrick Jamieson
Quentin Ladd
Martha Ladd
Jamie Coe Rowan
Kitty Trimble
Peter Billie
Paul Carrel
Peter Hood
Robert Emmet Riordan
Grant Vincent

Produced by
Staged by
Scenery and Lightning by
Production supervised by

Miss Hepburn's clothes by

Elliot Nugent
Tony Bickley
Emily Massey
Ellen Morgan
Katharine Hepburn
Audry Christie
Robert Shayne
Sherling Oliver
Robert Chisholm
Neil Fitzgerald
Royal Beal


Philip Barry
Theatre Guild Inc.
Robert Sinclair
Robert Edmond Jones
Theresa Helburn,
Lawrence Langer

Tour dates

Walnut Street Theatre - Pennsylvania (March 23-28, 1942)
Erlanger Theatre - Buffalo - New York (Mai 25,1942-)
Fords Theatre - Washington DC (October 3, 1943-)

St. James Theatre - New York
Premiere: November 10, 1942-February 13, 1943
Performances: 113

Plot Summary

Jamie Rowan, an attractive widow, has a large house in wartime Washington D.C, Pat Jamieson, a scientist who is having difficulties with the housing shortage in the capital, desperately needs a place where he can conduct his experiments. Jamie proposes to a platonic marriage and the woman-hating bachelor accepts.

Critics' reviews

Brooks Atkinson - The New York Times
"As the unloved wife Miss Hepburn is giving a mechanical performance that is not without considerable gaucherie in the early scenes. In both the writing and the acting, Without Love is theatre on the surface of a vacuum."

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