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Mrs. Fairfax
Jane Eyre
Adele Varens
Grace Poole
Blanche Ingram
The Maniac
Lady Ingram
Lord Ingram
Rev. Wood
Diana River
St. John Rivers


Based on the novel by
Produced by

Staged by
Settings and Costumes by
Production supervised by

Viola Roche
Phyllis Connard
Katharine Hepburn
Denis Hoey
Patricia Peardon
Irving Morrow
Teresa Dale
Sandra Ellsworth
Teresa Guerini
Katherine Stewart
Reginald Carrington
Wilfrid Seagram
Reginald Malcom
Barbara O'Neil
Marga Ann Deighton
Stephen Kerr Appleby


Helen Jerome
Charlotte Brontė
Theatre Guild Inc.
Worthington Miner
Lee Simonson
Theresa Helburn,
Lawrence Langer

Tour dates

On tour from December 1936 to April 1937
Colonial Theatre - Boston (December 28, 1936 -February 9, 1937)
The Musical Hall - Kansas City (February 15-17, 1937)
Performances: unknown

Plot Summary

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Critics' reviews

Brooks Atkinson - reviewing the Chicago production for The New York Times
"Jane Eyre suits her better than The Lake and she is more of an actress now than she was then. Her part in the current piece is prim and quaint, particularly on the surface, and she keeps it fragile, dainty and immaculate all through the evening?.. She plays Jane with exquisite grace of moment."

What Kate had to say

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