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Michael Bottle
Judy Bottle
Sonia Tippet
George Bottle
Celia Bottle
Charles Dawes
Max Lightly



Produced by
Staged by
Settings by

G. P. Huntley jr.
Katharine Hepburn
Joyce Carey
Elise Breton
Walter Kingsford
Jane Cowl
Lewis Martin
Leon Quatermaine


Benn W. Levy
Kenneth MacGowan,
Joseph Verner Reed
Clifford Brooke
Raymond Sovey

Tour dates

Maxine Elliot Theatre - New York City
Premiere: November 18, 1930-November 1930
Performances: 50

Plot Summary

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Critics' reviews

Alison Smith - New York World
"An uncommonly refreshing performance was given by Katharine Hepburn as the young daughter."

Gretta Palmer - New York World Telegram
"Katharine Hepburn, in the part of the daughter, is delightful if a bit high-strung."

New York American
"It [Art and Mrs Bottle] uncovers a young actress whose performance last night ordinarily would raise her to stardom. The young lady is Katharine Hepburn."

What Kate had to say

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What fellow actors, the director and friends had to say

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