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October 2, 2010:

Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen
Opens at Kent State University Museum - Ohio the museum has made a video from their exhibition which opened today.
The exhibition includes stage costumes from The Philadelphia Story, Coco and A Matter of Gravity. Films represented include The Little Minister, Adam's Rib, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and On Golden Pond.

Do watch the video!

Have added a video page and updated the Costume page with the two videos from The Kent State University. Yeah!

July 27, 2010:

Reworked the Legal page as a new page is added with even more Links.

One of them is a blogger Melanie Lutz who celebrates Kate with her personal story.

Should you have a blog or a site which you would like to be added - please do e-mail me.

June 25, 2010:

Replaced 7 photos & added a new stunning photo of Kate and Spencer all donated by reader Helen

1933: 1 photo from Christopher Strong.
         1 photo from Little Women.
1936: 1 photo from Mary of Scotland.
         1 portrait by Ernest Bachrach.
1939: 1 photo from The Philadelphia Story.
1942: 1 photo from Keeper of the Flame.
1945: 1 new photo from Without Love.
1947: 1 photo from Song of Love.

June 24, 2010:

Thanks to reader Sarah - for the link to the article in TIME from September 1952 The Hepburn Story around The Millionairess.

Also from Sarah two external links to great articles: TIME and Wisdom Portal.

Have added a new page - the 2010 stamp on various envelopes created by collectors. Enjoy!!

April 30, 2010:

Kate is being celebrated several places in the U.S. this year.

On May 8th the Turtle Bay Association are to celebrate her birthday on May 12th.

The U.S. Postal Service is releasing their commemorative stamp with Kate at Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook on
May 12th.

The Kent State University - Ohio are having a fashion show - on May 12th LUNCH WITH KATE: Celebrating Katharine Hepburn's Influence on Fashion
- as well as making an exhibition: Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen - which probably will go on a tour. Watch the video!

The Los Angles Times has made a huge amount of their articles access able to everyone. Thanks pal - you know who you are ;-)

Have updated with several photos of costumes from the 30s and the 60s. Yeah the 60-site is finally there too.

March 14, 2010:

Thanks to reader Helen - added a long time due link Triptych Bryn Mawr to Other great links.

January 28, 2010:

Reworked the film and theatre pages.

January 27, 2010:

Reparied several broken links to trailers + added the trailers for State of the Union and Grace Quigley.

January 12, 2010:

Added new photos:

1932: 1 photo from The Warrior's Husband.
1935: 2 photos from Alice Adams: One and two
1938: 2 photos from Bringing Up Baby: One and two.
         2 photos from Holiday: One and two.
1942: 1 photo from Keeper of the Flame.
         1 photo from Woman of the Year.
1944: 1 photo from Dragon Seed.
1946: 1 photo from Undercurrent .
1947: 5 photos from Song of Love: One, two, three, four and five .
1948: 3 photos from State of the Union: One, two and three.
1949: 2 photos from Ethel Barrymore's 70th B-day: One and two.
         2 photos from Adam's Rib: One and two.
1950: 1 photo from As You Like It.
1968: 4 photos One, two, three and four .
1969: 2 photos from Coco: One and two.
1971: 1 photo from The Trojan Woman.
1973: 1 photo from The Glass Menagerie.
1969: 2 photos from Love Among the Ruins: One and two.
1978: 1 portrait.
1994: 1 photo from Love Affair.
         1 portrait from One Christmas.

December 30, 2009:

upcoming US Stamp
for 2010 is finally released.
The stamp will be issued
May 12.
If you want to learn more - please do visit The U.S. Postal Service

See you next year!!