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Working Title: You Were There


Ann Hamilton
Alan Garroway
Michael Garroway
Prof. 'Dink' Hamilton
Sylvia Lea Burton
Mr. Warmsley
Prof. Joseph Bangs
Mrs. Forester
Justice Putnam
Henry Gilson
Uncle Ben
Julia Donnegan


Screenplay by
Based on a story by
Director of Photography
Art Direction by
Set Decorator
Associate Set Decorator
Film Editing by
Sound Recordist
Musical Score
Costume Design by
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Assistant Director

Katharine Hepburn
Robert Taylor
Robert Mitchum
Edmund Gwenn
Marjorie Main
Jayne Meadows
Clinton Sunderberg
Dan Tobin
Kathryn Card
Leigh Whipper
Charles Trowbridge
James Westerfiled
Dilly McLain
Bess Flowers
Sarah Edwards
Betty Blythe


Vincent Minnelli
Pandro S. Berman
Edward Chodorov
Thelma Strabel
Karl Freund
Cedric Gibbons
Edwin B. Willis
Jack D. Moore
Ferris Webster
Douglas Shearer
Herbert Stothart
Sydney Guilaroff
Jack Dawn
Norman Elzer


Film data

116 minutes
Produced: January-May 1946

Premiere: November 28, 1946


Ann Hamilton, daughter of a little-known college professor, falls in love with wealthy, dynamic industrialist Alan Garroway. When they marry, she is not immediately accepted into his social status, but the couple are happy just the same. After a while, Ann discovers that Alan has a brother whom he never mentions and will not discuss. In time, his behavior becomes strange and frightening.

Critics' reviews

Bosley Crowther The New York Times 1946
"Miss Hepburn gives a crisp and taut performance. Mr. Taylor accelerates a brooding meanness. For Vincente Minnelli, the director, has used atmosphere and mood to build up some rather fateful moments in which you wait for the unknown to occur."

Dave Kehr Chicago Reader
"A minor but interesting film from Vincente Minnelli's journeyman period at MGM. Katharine Hepburn is a new bride who gradually grows suspicious of her husband (Robert Taylor) and his menacing brother (Robert Mitchum). Some enterprising feminist critic ought to do a study of this 'deadly spouse' genre, which has proved to be amazingly popular from Gaslight to The Stepford Wives and beyond."

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