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Victoria Brown
Mooney Pulaski



Executive Producer

Associate Producer
Screenplay by
Director of Photography
Film Editing by
Set Decoration by
Musical Score
Costume Design by
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Production Design

Katharine Hepburn
Ryan O'Neal
Henry Beckman
Helena Carroll
Brenda Forbes


George Schaefer
John Philip Dayton,
Lamar Jackson,
James Priceaux,
George Schaefer
Renée Valente
John Philip Dayton,
Burt Reynolds
Dann Cahn
James Prideaux
Walter Lassally
Dann Cahn
Elizabeth Wilcox
Billy Goldenberg
Noel Taylor
Michal Bigger
James Sarzotti
Trevor Williams


Film data

Burt Reynolds Productions
91 minutes on VHS
Filmed on location in Vancouver

Premiere: December 6, 1992 on CBS


Victoria Brown has an uninvited houseguest living in the attic of her sprawling home. It's Mooney Pulaski, an escaped convict from the nearby penitentiary. The jewel thief means no harm, he just needs a place to hide, a hot meal and a shower. Harboring a fugitive is not the kind of thing a proper lady like Miss Brown does, but believing in his innocence, she allows him to stay in the attic. The days pass and the holiday draw near. The odd couple shares stories, laughs, secrets and dreams until a special bond of trust and friendship develops between them. But the police are moving in, the housekeepers are growing suspicious, and Mooney's time is running out. He has to make his move but before he does, Victoria Brown and The Man Upstairs will share the best holiday of their lives.

Critics' reviews

Hollywood Reporter
"Katharine Hepburn is simply marvelous."

Los Angeles Times
"A charmer of a movie, at once funny and poignant. It also boasts of Ryan O’Neal's best performance."

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The Man Upstairs was specially written for Kate by James Prideaux.