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Miss Lilly Moffat
Morgan Evans
The Squire
Miss Watty
Miss Ronberry
John Goronwy Jones
Sarah Pugh
Bessie Watty


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Musical Score
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Hair Stylist
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Katharine Hepburn
Ian Saynor
Bill Fraser
Patricia Hayes
Anna Massey
Artro Morris
Dorothea Phillips
Toyah Wilcox
Huw Richards
Bryn Fon
Dyfan Roberts
Robin John


George Cukor
Neil Hartley
Eric Ratteray
Ivan Davis
James Costigan
Emlyn Williams
Edward (Ted) Scaife
Terry Pritchard
Michael Lierton
Richard Marden,
John Wright
John Barry
David Walker
Ramon Gow
Ann Brodie


Film data

Warner Bros. Television
CBS Televison
93 minutes
Produced during the summer of 1978
Filmed on location in Wales - UK

Premiere: January 29, 1979 on CBS


Miss Moffat, an Englishwoman who relocates to an early 1900s Wales mining community, is astonished to see children working in the mines. 'After one week,' a townsman observes, 'they are old men.' She resolves to make the children – and especially one prize pupil [Morgan Evans] – something else: scholars.

Critics' reviews

Tom Allen - Village Voice
"[This] is not an occasion for rhapsodizing about the contributions that Cukor and Hepburn have made to illuminating the heart and civilizing the wit of the American screen, but it is a joyous, yet humble, homage to a minor drama.... Hepburn, almost constantly on the move as Miss Moffat, breezes through the property as a prodding catalyst... Cukor's control of the ensemble acting is effortlessly masterful."

What Kate had to say

Katharine Hepburn – Me – 1991
".... As I started to say – walking home from George's – a thought passed through my mind: What about those two young ones we’ve just interviewed? They are pretty attractive. Who's going to look at you, Kathy? Oh, you're going to be wonderful, Kate. It’s just your part.
I couldn't help thinking... I wonder what they said to Jack Barrymore when he decided to do A Bill of Divorcement? To Jane Cowl when she did Art and Mrs. Bottle? With those young girl parts – waiting to snatch the glory. Young – beautiful – full of potential.
It is your turn now, Kathy? Oh hell, who cares? It's a great play. Yes. That's what you should be thinking. But you are thinking it, Kathy. Are you? Well – hell – I'm not an idiot....
But it's life, isn't it? You plow ahead and make a hit. And you plow on and someone passes you. Then someone passes him or her. Time levels."

What fellow actors, the director and friends had to say

George Cukor – interview with Cecil Smith - 1979
"She found the character very appealing. I think she was reminded of her mother. The whole background appealed to her. She was very sympathetic to this woman - somebody who wants to do something, wants to achieve. It's a positive, affirmative action, this play, and that's very important to Kate. She doesn't like defeatist attitudes, nor do I. I'm just too damned old to worry about tragedies on the old farm...."


Hollywood Portrait - 1993
"Cukor was delighted to work with Kate again, declaring 'She surprises me in every scene. She has such freshness and spontaneity. She never goes for the obvious effect.... She plays it with more understanding than she would have thirty years ago, more forthrightly and humorously.'"

Anthony Harvey
"She was in London staying at a small apartment off Grosvenor Square – Eaton Square. [Bobby Helpmann's flat.] She was very concerned about noise because she was shooting with George Cukor, The Corn is Green, and having an early night. She heard this sort of plop, plop, plop, and went out on the roof in her dressing gown at two in the morning to look for the source of the noise. She climbed over several rooftops and finally found it was the flag on the American embassy. So she got out her kitchen knife and cut it down. She then staggered back to her flat, over several rooftops, and with great relief, sat down on her bed. There was a terrible scream. She had gone back into the wrong place."