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Miss Pudd


Executive Producer
Screenplay by
Based on a story by

Director of Photography
Production Design
Film Editing by
Musical Score
Costume Design by

Katharine Hepburn
Kevin McKenzie
Dennis Demster
Peter Kilman


Richard Colla
Richard Colla
Don Henderson
Eugene Poinc
Maria L. de Ossio,
Richard Colla,
Eugene Poinc
Gayne Rescher
Peter Wooley
Lee Burch
Bob Alcivar
Edith Head


Film data

A James A. Colla Production
A Sanrio Release
83 minutes
Produced during the summer of 1975
Filmed on location at St. Helena California USA
Calistoga California USA

Premiere: August 1978


Miss Pudd is a pixillated old woman who owns a store that some call an antique establishment and others term a junkyard. How did she get into that line of work? 'I never had much luck with men,' she says, 'so I concentrated on junk.' She often refuses to part with her goods, which have a sentimental association for her, but she does sell some items, for trifling amounts, to two small boys. The youngsters are refurbishing a balloon that once belonged to the older boy's grandfather, The Great Sandusky, a stunt man. They plan to take it aloft to celebrate the grandfather's birthday. Miss Pudd prods, encourages and inspires the boys to sail the balloon from San Francisco to Los Angeles, accompanied by her and their English Sheepdog.

Critics' reviews

Vincent Canby - The New York Times
"It's not a lost film exactly. Rather it's the kind of film that can easily be overlooked, being so soft-spoken and gentle that bland is its dominant style. If you pay attention to it, as you might to a small child, it offers some gentle, soft-spoken rewards. Chief among [these] is the performance of Miss Hepburn."

What Kate had to say

Katharine Hepburn
"I always wanted to fly in a balloon."

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