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Katharine Hepburn



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Miss Hepburn's Makeup Artist
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David Heeley
Joan Kramer,
David Heeley
Cynthia Mitchell
David Heeley and
Joan Kramer
with Katharine Hepburn
Michael Barry
Scott P. Doniger
Michael Whalen
Michal Bigger
James Sarzotti


Film data

Top Hat / Turner Pictures
70 minutes
Produced: 1992
Filmed in Katharine Hepburn's home in New York City
and her summerhouse in Fenwick - Old Saybrook Connecticut

Premiere: January 18, 1993


A nice, personal documentary with Katharine Hepburn discussing a lot of her films in a little over an hour. She's actually more revealing than one might think and footage of the aged Hepburn doing daily things offers a nice contrast to the legend we're accustomed to. She seems very much the independent, level-headed person others describe her as. She spends a good amount of time talking about Spencer, revealing again more than expected.

In "All About Me," her own television biography, she said: "In some ways I've lived my life as a man, made my own decisions. I've been as terrified as the next person, but you've got to keep a-going; you've got to dream."

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