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Ling Tan
Mrs. Ling Tan
Wu Lien
Lao Er
Lao San
Third Cousin's Wife
Third Cousin
Captain Sato
Japanese Kitchen Overseer
Lao Ta
Mrs. Wu Lien
Fourth Cousin
Neighbor Shen
Wu Sao
Major Yohagi
Captain Yasuda
Old Peddler
Japanese Diplomat
Japanese Guard
Japanese Officer
Japanese Soldier
Leader of City People
Speaker with Movies
Young Farmer
Old Clerk
Hysterical Woman
Japanese Soldier
Japanese Official



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Katharine Hepburn
Walter Huston
Aline MacMahon
Akim Tamiroff
Turhan Bey
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Frances Rafferty
Agnes Moorehead
Henry Travers
Robert Lewis
J. Carrol Naish
Robert Bice
Jacqueline De Wit
Clarence Lung
Paul S. Burns
Anna Demetrio
Ted Hecht
Abner Biberman
Leonard Mudie
Charles Lung
Benson Fung
Philip Van Zandt
Al Hill
J. Alex Havier
Philip Ahn
Roland Got
Robert Lee
Frank Puglia
Claire Du Brey
Lee Tung Foo
Jay Novello
Leonard Strong
Lionel Barrymore


Jack Conway,
Harold S Bucquet
Pandro S. Berman
Marguerite Roberts,
Jane Murfin
Pearl S. Buck
Sidney Wagner
Cedric Gibbons
Lyle R Wheeler
Edwin B. Wallis
Hugh Hunt
Harold F. Kress
Douglas Shearer
Herbert Stothart
Warren Newcombe
Jack Dawn
Al Shenbrg
Wei F. Hsueh


Film data

145 minutes on DVD and 148 minutes Turner library print
Reels: 15
Produced: October 4, 1943-March 1944 and additional scenes April 3-April 10, 1944 Filmed on location at Calabasas – California - USA
and in China Town - Los Angeles – California - USA and at the MGM Studios

Premiere: July 20, 1944


Lao Er, a young Chinese farmer, does not understand his wife Jade. She is idealistic and at the same time realistic about the new China. Lao Er's father, Ling Tan, discusses the then-distant threat of Japanese aggression as if there is nothing much to worry about. When the Japanese actually are approaching, Jade and Lao Er go to the interior with Chinese patriots who plan to set up munitions factories there.


Critics' reviews

Howard Barnes – The New York Herald Tribune – 1944
"Miss Hepburn's gulping elocution bothered me at the outset, but she went on to make Jade a rather wondrous character. Huston is splendid as Ling Tan and Miss MacMahon never fails to be restrained and right."

Alton Cook – New York World-Telegram – 1944
"The Strong mannerisms of Katharine Hepburn make the pretence very difficult in her case, but beneath them emerges a vigorously conceived character, a girl who grows from flower-like fragility to rugged, warrior womanhood."

What Kate had to say

In treatment

What fellow actors, the director and friends had to say

Pandro S. Berman
"God, she was tough! She was difficult – but even when she drove you mad, you had to admire her spunk, her guts. She got exactly what she wanted – wouldn’t work any later than she thought she would, wanted triple overtime – but when she was on the set, she toiled like a bridge member."

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