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Constance Dane
Franz Roberti
Johnny Lawrence
Prof. Talma
Miss Wilson
Dici Smith-Lennox


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Katharine Hepburn
Charles Boyer
John Beal
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Van Nest Polglase
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William Hamilton
John Tribby
Max Steiner
Bernhard Newman
Mel Burns
Edward Killy
Jane Loring


Film data

RKO Radio Pictures
78 minutes
Produced: February 2-March 25, 1935
Filmed on location at Wilshire Ebell Theater - Los Angeles - California - USA
Premiere: May 6, 1935


The passionate Franz Roberti, a rich and eminent musical conductor, marries Constance Dane, an aspiring, yet poor and unknown composer. A blissful relationship exists for a short period until Constance discovers that Roberti is seeing another woman. She leaves him, only to be pursued by a clean-cut young man named Johnny Lawrence, who want to take her away from it all.

Critics' reviews

Time - 1935
"Still performing as the heroine of Little Women, Miss Hepburn makes it clear that unless her employers see fit to restore her to roles in keeping with her mannerisms, these will presently annoy cinemaddicts into forgetting that she is really an actress of great promise and considerable style."

Graham Greene - The Spectator - September 13, 1935
"The two actors are talented enough to keep some of our interest even in a story of this kind: indeed, Miss Hepburn always makes her young women quite horrifyingly lifelike with their girlish intuitions, their intensity, their ideals which destroy the edge of human pleasure."

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