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Pamela Thistlewaite
Thomas Lane
Flora Thistlewaite
Judge Thistlewaite
Young Flora
Betty Bumble
Aunt Serena
Young Girl
Mr. White
Lady Gaythorne
Lady Rinlake
Signor Grassi
Signora Grassi
Italian Boy
Italian Bit
Flora, Age 10
Flora, Age 5
Flora, As Infant


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Based on the novel
Portrait of a Rebel by
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Film data

RKO Radio Pictures
88 minutes
Produced: June 30-August 27, 1936

Premiere: October 29, 1936


This is a story of a woman's struggle for emancipation during the Victorian period. Pamela Thislewaite fights against the strict conventions of the 1870s, a defiance which doesn't prove to be an easy or popular task. However, as a true rebel, she defies her autocratic father, Judge Thistlewaite; has an affair with Gerald, an amorous young man who leaves her with a child born out of wedlock; and refuses to marry Thomas Lane, a faithful suitor.

Critics' reviews

Time - 1936
"Marked by none of the vitality of its predecessors in Katharine Hepburn's Victorian series, A Woman Rebels is saved from complete mediocrity by her well-modulated performance and by the admirable feeling for background and atmosphere implicit in Mark Sandrich's direction."

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