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Many things can be told about Kate. We fans love to read stories and/or anecdotes.

Kate through the eyes of other performers

Who could possible be better than colleagues and friends to say what they thought of Kate or tell a storie. Click here and read what some of her co-workers and friends had to say about Kate.

Kate through the eyes of other artists

Kate - a painter herself - had during her lifetime many artist among her friends. Click here and see some of the sculptures, paintings and drawings they made of Kate.

Kate through the eyes of children

Kate had many times said that she did not like children. Well that was not quite true - Lauren Bacall didn't believe it and she should know. [If you have read Kate through the eyes of other performers you will know too.]
Do read what the children of friends had to say.

Kate and Spencer

Although it in many years was a secret love affair that Kate and Spencer had. It was commonly known in Hollywood. It can be read here how co-workers and friends saw them together.

Kate on magazine covers

Throughout her career, Kate appeared on many magazine covers. Upon her death in 2003, she was honored with more covers and in 2007 was one of the stars featured on the cover of Now Playing, the official magazine of Turner Classic Movies.

Kate's costumes

As an actress and rolemodel Kate inspired many women with her fashion in film or in real life. Even today. To view some of the costume sketches that famous designers like Edith Head, Walter Plunkett or Noel Taylor made for her click here.

Kate's quotes

Kate said many things - some have turned into quotes - some more famous than others. To read some of them click here.


To read some of the many things that have been written about Kate click here.


To read a few of the many vintage articles written about Kate click here.


To see some of the many awards Kate received click here.


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