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Sculptures by Bob McKnight


1935 1941

Painting by Javo Fabry

Painting by Alexander Brook

Painting by Nino Za

1936 caricature of Kate by Giuseppe Zanini (1906-1996) also known as 'Nino Za'

Painting by McClelland Barclay

'The Spirite of Tolerance' 'The Spirite of Tolerance'

Painting by Paul Clemens

1947 durring 'The Sea of Grass'

Painting by Myfanwy Pavelic

This painting is today in the Old Saybrook Historical, Society’s Frank Stevenson Archive Building

Paintings by Everett Raymond Kinstler

Close up of Everett Raymond Kinstler's portrait

Drawings by Al Hirschfeld

1938 'Bringing Up Baby' with Gary Grant 1940 'The Philadelphia Story'

1942 'Woman of the Year' with Spencer Tracy 1951 'The African Queen' with Humphrey Bogart

1952 'The Millionariress' 1952 'The Millionariress' with Robert Helpmann (right)

1967 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' with Spencer Tracy, Kate and Katharine Houghton and Sidney Poitier 1985 'Grace Quigley' with Nick Nolte

1954 'Movieland' 'Hollywood' - Sammy Davis Jr. , Katherine Hepburn John Wayne, Laurel  Hardy, Judy Garland and Humprey Bogart

Paintings by Ann Telnaes

Drawings by others

Drawings by Disney

1938 'Mother Goose Goes Hollywood'