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Lauren Bacall – By Myself - 1979
"She just adored him. It was the only time that Katie stopped talking, because she was always hanging on his every word. She was like a 12-year-old girl sitting at his feet looking at him in wonder. Katie girlish was just ... never seen anything quite like it."

1951 on their way to Africa to make 'The African Queen'

Betsy Blair - costar - A Delicate Balance - 1973
"They always went to Claridge's [in London]. She said that Spencer wasn't one for spending money. She would have a suite and Spence would have the equivalent of a maid's room, and then he'd be sneaking around the corridors at night. But they then moved hotels because she couldn't wear trousers in the dining room. I think she said to the headwaiter, 'Would you like me to take them off?' When I was young and foolish I remember thinking, 'What is she wasting her life for on this man who won't get a divorce?' But you can't judge people from the outside. If that's what she wanted to do, it was brave of her to do it."

1973 publicity still from 'A Delicate Balance'

Earl Holliman – costar - Rainmaker - 1956
"Spencer said once they were out in the countryside on a picnic. Beautiful lawn, rolling hills, but there was a wire fence. So Kate got some wire cutters and cut the wire. Somebody said it was Winston Churchill's property."

1956 publicity still from 'The Rainmaker'

Marvin Kaplan – costar - Adam's Rib - 1949
"They worked very well together. They would do what the Lunts did. They would interrupt each other - they'd never finish a sentence and then they'd start the other sentence. It's very hard to do."


"She told me that she wasn't going to go to [Tracy's] funeral. I figured out why: She didn't want any kind of talk, any kind of scandal. There were children and so on."


Angela Lansbury – costar - State of the Union –1948
"We all knew but nobody ever said anything. In those days it wasn't discussed. They were totally hand in glove, totally comfortable and unself-conscious about their relationship. She wasn't the sort of woman that many men would be attracted to — the snuggly, cuddly woman in the movies at that time. And yet because of her enormous affection and love for Spencer, she had the ability to subjugate this almost manly quality she had at times and became this wonderfully warm, irresistible woman."

1948 publicity still from 'State of the Union'

Dina Merrill – costar - Desk Set - 1957
"I remember seeing her in a line for airline tickets one time, and I said, 'Kate, what are you doing here?' And she said, 'Well, you know, Spencer is going to do The Devil at 4 O'Clock in Martinique. I'm going down to get him a house, see that he's comfortable.' She really looked after him."


"She and Tracy had obviously done the day's work that was coming up, and staged it in their own place where they lived. The director [Walter Lang] had hardly anything to do. She would say, 'Spence and I talked this over. We thought that this might be good for the scene.' And they did the whole thing. And he'd say, 'Well, looks good to me.'"

1957 publicity still from 'Desk Set'

Michael Moriarty – costar on The Glass Menagerie - 1973 "Here's what's most important about Katharine Hepburn: not her career and not her brilliance and not her talent—it was her profound, unconditional love for Spencer Tracy. That was her greatest achievement. She and Spencer were one of the greatest love affairs in the history of America."


"At the end of his career, a director and assistant director went over and tried to present a script to Spencer Tracy. The assistant director tells me that [Hepburn] walked him out to the car and said, 'You know, for me, acting has been so hard and life has been so easy. But for Spencer, acting has been so easy and life has been so hard.'"

1973 publicity still from 'The Glass Menagerie'


Peter O'Toole - transcribed from A conversation with Actor Peter O’Toole at Charlie Rose - December 19, 2000
Peter O'Toole: "I remember once - few years - quite a few years before - seeing a car parked on Hampstead Heath and inquisitive wondering, who is in that parked car. And it was Spencer Tracy and Kate Hepburn. They weren’t driving - just sitting looking at the sunset. And I felt intrusive - which I was. So I wandered away. But I could see this extraordinary affection between them and calm. Well after Spencer’s death, I got to know Kate quite well. Kate was in Martha’s Vineyard. The widow who couldn’t mourn."
Charlie Rose: "Because the wife mourned."
Peter O'Toole: "Right."

Peter O'Toole
"Marvellous Kate. She's perfect. Incapable of being disloyal or telling a lie. I love her. A few years ago, Spencer Tracy wouldn't have stood a chance. I would have chopped his head off. Or broken his fingers. All of them, one at a time." [Webmasters note: Peter O'Toole would later name his daughter after Kate.]
Kate and Peter

Mark Rydell – director - On Golden Pond - 1981
"She used to go away to Santa Barbara with [Tracy] for the weekend. And she was always the one who carried the luggage. One day after the weekend he told her to put the luggage in the car. She looked outside and it was full of people loading luggage from the cabin next door, and she said, 'I can't do this, Spencer. I'm embarrassed that I'm carrying the luggage.' He said, 'Don't worry, I'll take care of it.' So she carried the luggage and then he came out limping like a cripple."

1981 on the set of 'On Golden Pond' 1981 on the set of 'On Golden Pond'